St Wilfrid’s Preston is one of seven parishes in the United Kingdom served by the Jesuits (the Society of Jesus), the religious order of priests and brothers founded by St Ignatius Loyola in 1540.

The Presbytery at 1 Winckley Square is home to a community of 12 Jesuit priests who in different ways, by celebrating Mass, hearing confessions, writing for the Newsletter, or through their prayers, support the life of St Wilfrid’s Parish. A small infirmary in the Community provides care for the Jesuits in their declining years.

Over many decades the Jesuits have had a significant place in the life of the city. Many will remember Preston Catholic College, the boys school in Winckley Square run by the Jesuits until it was amalgamated into Newman College. Further back in time you discover such influential figures as Fr Daddy Dunn, the former Jesuit who introduced gas lighting into the streets of Preston.

Today St Wilfrid’s aims to offer to its parishioners, and more widely, a faith life enriched by all that characterises the Jesuit mission throughout the world: a spirituality that seeks God in the day-to-day realities of our lives, a faith that is attentive to those who are most in need, an openness to people of other faiths, a way of working together which is collaborative and recognises the importance of full lay involvement in the life of the Church.

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Contact the superior of the community if you are seeking spiritual direction. Check availability of Jesuits.

The members of the Jesuit community available for spiritual direction or spiritual conversation.

Fr. Paul Fletcher SJ
Fr. Peter Randall SJ
Fr. Thomas Shufflebotham SJ

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